The Bhopal Diaries

Soaking the morning sun as they prepare to return the charges of 68/49.
The train leaves at 11.55am. 🍂

People leaving footrpints, while you leave footrpints. Wow? Meerut has given me some beautiful people.
I haven’t been old enough to remember places and know their importance but glad I have seen some.
Bye, Meerut.
People don’t just go like that. Everything has meaning. Changes are tough to welcome, but everything has meaning. 🙂
And so came a new chapter, we shifted to Bhopal.
The holidays to came to an end, I have some beautiful memories, some sad ones, some heart touching ones to cherish for a lifetime.
Goodbye to a friend in hopes of staying connected, goodbye to a home, a city.
A city that holds the most important and memorable years of my childhood.
And welcoming changes. A new city! Accepting life as it comes. Unfolding new pages.
Good luck to everybody reading this! Who knows what tomorrow has in store for you ❤

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