An evening of fall.

How caught in the colours of the sky, you looked more beautiful than ever!

Down a familiar road,
adorned with trees and bushes,
feeling the ripe earthy-scents
and some nostalgia,
we walked,
rather aimlessly,
watching the little dance of each leaf
in the crisp fall air
making its way to our feet,
and as you shrug off one
that landed on your shoulder,
I saw the setting sun ripple softly in your eyes,
and how caught in the colors of the sky,
you looked more beautiful than ever,
the wind played with your hair,
where once
I’d run my fingers lovingly,
and well,
in a fleeting moment,
another leaf made its way to the ground,
the shadows blurred,
the colors faded.
A page turned.
Reading my favourite parts again!

And soon it was dark enough,
for teary eyes to go well
with beaming smiles,
and grim faces weren’t already that bright,
and unsure of when
and how
or if the goodbyes will happen,
tried imagining what all could you be thinking..
we hugged each other tight.
A surge of emotions
so high,
as if frequencies really did exist,
and words are overrated.

‘This is perhaps, the last time.’,
said a voice in my head
and I couldn’t let go,
and couldn’t
let go.

A tear drop rolled down to the shoulder
soaked in the shirt
that smells my favorite.
And in a distance,
another leaf flew by,
made its way to the ground,
oh, hues of the end!

We parted.

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