You hear a ‘hey’ whispered softly and feel a tap on your shoulder. Face them, and your eyes light up. You are happy. Happy indeed.
Familiar faces stopping by, in a world which is always in a hurry! The bliss in the blue. Gift of time?
You guys haven’t had much in common over the years, and gradually the conversation delves into quiet.
Not that you don’t have things to catch up on, but the fact that you’ve finally met them… too much happiness at once to soak in. Their presence and the silence and you love it.
Such is the calm the rain brings along. First a few taps on the window, calling me out in the balcony, then the peace.

Serenity descends in shades of green, as I sit down, responding to the soft rustle of leaves shoving off water, and I enjoy my cup of tea,
and the view .
And as I am growing up, nothing has been more charming than this. And well, meeting old friends too.

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